Writing Circle First Mondays, 7pm CET

Write with other Bright Women and Enhance Your Money Mindset - September 5th, October 3rd, November 7th, and December 5th.

Course Summary

Rewrite the stories that hinder your financial success, and create compelling visions for a bright future.

75 minutes - 4 to 5 exercises per session around a given topic.

You write in whatever language you fancy.

Various creativity techniques: automatic writing, journalling, making lists, brainstorm (on your own), vision work, creative writing.

Course Curriculum

Patricia Mauerhofer

Patricia holds an M.A. in International Relations and a degree in Media Relations. She is a certified Coach and Project Manager and has worked as a Literary Agent, Translator, Editor, and Communication Officer.
Since 2013 she has added blogging, skills in marketing, copywriting, social media posting and storytelling to her writing toolbox.

After taking many classes in communication, professional as well as creative writing during the last three decades, she is eventually offering this space for fellow multifaceted explorers – realizing one more dream from her Bucket List.

Ana Voncina

Musicologist, Composer, Piano Teacher

"I have enjoyed the writing sessions a lot, and each session surprised me with a small discovery until now. There were times when I was not in the mood to do such an activity (with all of the stress of daily life), but I found it most beneficial to stick to it since I usually found an answer during the session.

Patricia's writing topics and prompts are wide enough to find my train of thought and provocative enough to keep me challenged. I recommend it to everyone who wants to stir their creativity and make time for a playful approach to introspective pondering. You can expect many enthusiastic insights."

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